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Add users and roles

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2018

If the DTplus is for your personal use, you may ignore this article.

If the DTplus is for your collaboration with other users, first you must create a sub-account according to Prepare a RAM sub-account and Create a project, and then complete configurations as follows.

Like Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud DTplus products adopt the RAM primary account/sub-account logon system.

Sub-account billing

Alibaba Cloud account (or the primary account) represents the ownership of Alibaba Cloud resources and is the basic specification for metering and billing resource usage. The primary account allows you to create sub-accounts for your enterprise, manage, and authorize these sub-accounts.

Created and managed by the primary account in the RAM system, the sub-account has no resources, and therefore cannot perform metering and billing independently. All sub-accounts are controlled and paid by their primary account.


  1. Go to the project list page of the DataWorks, and click the Enter Project after the corresponding project list.


  2. Choose Project Management > Project Member Management > Add Members to display the following dialog box.


  3. Click Refresh to synchronize the sub-account under the current Alibaba Cloud account in the RAM console to the list to be selected.


    To add a new sub-account, click RAM Console in the preceding figure to open the Alibaba Cloud Resource Access Management page. For specific procedures to add a sub-account and deliver it for use, see Prepare an Alibaba Cloud Account.

  4. Check sub-accounts in the New Members dialog box, select a role to be granted to these sub-accounts in batches, and click OK to add members.

    The existing members and their roles in the project can be viewed in the list and modified as needed. You can also remove sub-accounts from the project.

    The project members can be assigned five roles namely, project administrator, deployer, developer, guest, and maintainer. The project creator is the project administrator by default. For detailed permissions of these five roles, see: Project member management.


    A brief description about the roles is as follows.

  • Developer: Manages the design of data development page and the maintenance of workflow.

  • O&M: Manages the running conditions of all tasks in the O&M center page and handles them accordingly.

  • Project administrator: In addition to having full permissions of the developer and the maintainer, the project administrator can also perform operations on the project level, such as adding/removing the project members, granting roles, and creating custom resource groups.

  • Deployer: Reviews the task code and decide whether to submit it to the maintainer only in the multi-project mode.

  • Visitor: The visitor can view the workflow design and code content on the data development page with the read-only permissions.