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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Compared with supercomputing centers with the highest computing capability, E-HPC provides high-performance computing with an enhanced and extensive scope of application.


E-HPC allows you to create ECS or EGS computing clusters and cluster managers and quickly deploy high-performance computing environments and application programs. This eases the computing pressure and helps you build applications with superior computing capability.


E-HPC can increase or decrease the number of computing nodes in the cluster manager as needed or according to task queue usage. E-HPC can automatically judge the requirements for load performance during runtime to achieve elastic computing of cluster nodes.


E-HPC is highly protected by multi-tenant security isolation provided by ECS, EGS, or VPC.

Interconnection with other Alibaba Cloud products

E-HPC uses the console that suits the using habits of Alibaba Cloud customers, and rapidly integrates with other products and services of Alibaba Cloud.