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Last Updated: Apr 07, 2020

Alibaba Cloud DNS offers the following benefits.

  • Stability and reliability

    The Alibaba Cloud VIP DNS servers provide 100% availability, using state-of-the-art cloud DNS cluster technology.

  • Trusted brand

    Alibaba Cloud DNS provides DNS hosting services for over 10 million domain names. Our rich operating experience and sophisticated DNS O&M technology are highly valued and highly trusted by our clients.

  • High performance

    Through software and hardware optimization, a single Alibaba Cloud DNS instance can handle requests peaked up to 40 million QPS and manage 20 million domain names. Currently, the DNS service serves in total over 1 billion DNS requests per second.

  • Intelligent resolution

    Alibaba Cloud DNS offers various resolution lines and advanced scheduling algorithm, leveraging domain name resolution in an intelligent, fast, and accurate manner. Globally distributed nodes guarantee all DNS queries are rapidly responded by the nearest node.

  • Global deployment

    With internationally certified BGP data centers, resolution data is synchronized to global nodes in real time, so that DNS queries are responded to both smartly and rapidly.

  • Security assurance

    Based on over 10 year’s security practices from the Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud DNS provides users with a powerful built-in protection service. The DNS protection is customized for DNS, protecting your domain name from DDoS attacks with up to 500,000 QPS capacity.