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Create a clone instance

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2018

The instance cloning function allows you to quickly copy an online environment. This function can be used to create prerelease environments, perform stress tests, and troubleshoot problems. If data of the current database is mistakenly deleted, you can also quickly recover the deleted data using this function.

You can quickly create a clone instance by specifying a DRDS instance, database, and time point. The cloned content includes the underlying RDS instances (such as the backup settings, data, and network type) and the DRDS logical databases (such as the number of database shards).

Note: Currently, the instance cloning function is not fully open to the public. If you need this function, submit a ticket with the remarks “Activate the instance cloning function”.

Cloning description

  • Cloned content:

    • DRDS: The region, zone, database type, database version, network type, connection pool information, and logical databases are the same as those of the original instance.

    • RDS: The region, zone, database type, database version, network type, whitelist, data, alarm threshold settings, backup settings, and SQL audit settings are the same as those of the original instance.

  • Instance specifications:

    • The new DRDS instance is invariably assigned the minimum specifications: 4-core 4 GB.

    • The new RDS instances have the same specifications as the original ones.

    • The new DRDS and RDS instances are all Pay-As-You-Go instances.

  • Cloning rule for RDS master and backup instances:

    If read-only or disaster recovery instances are attached to an RDS master instance, only the master instance is cloned.

  • Impact of cloning:

    • The cloning does not affect running instances.

    • After cloning, the new DRDS and RDS instances are the same as common instances.

  • Refund:

    If the instance cloning fails, submit a ticket to apply for a refund. Add the following remarks to the ticket:

    • Failed to create a clone instance. Apply for a refund.
    • Instance ID: xxxx.


Before cloning an instance, make sure the DRDS and RDS instances meet the following prerequisites; otherwise, the cloning fails.

DRDS instance:

  • The DRDS instance version must be 5.1.28-1320920 or later.

  • The DRDS instance must be an exclusive instance.

RDS instance:

  • The RDS instance must be running and not locked.

  • No migration task is running.

  • Data backup and log backup are enabled.

  • The RDS instance has no master account.

  • The RDS instance version is not 5.7.


  1. On the DRDS console, select Instances in the left-side navigation pane.

  2. Click the name of an instance that you want to clone.

  3. On the Basic Information page, click Clone Instance at the upper-right corner.

  4. In the displayed dialog box, set the cloning task name, database to be cloned, and recovery time point. Click Pre-check. DRDS checks the instance to make sure it can be cloned.

  5. After the pre-check is successful, click Activate.

  6. Review the order information and click Activate to start cloning.

    When a prompt indicating successful activation appears, return to the clone instance list to view the status of the cloning task.

    The cloning duration varies depending on the data volume.