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API for storage management

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2017

List the volumes

This API queries the information of the storage volumes mounted to the E-HPC cluster under a user account.

Request parameters

Field Type Required? Default value Description
Action String Yes - Operation interface name, required parameter; value: ListVolumes
RegionId String Yes - Region ID
PageNumber int No 1 Displayed page number; initial value: 1
PageSize int No 10 Number of entries per page; value range: 1 to 50

Return parameters

Public return parameters and the following parameters:

Field Type Description
Volumes Array\ Information array of volumes mounted to the E-HPC cluster
TotalCount int Total number of entries in the list
PageNumber int Current page number
PageSize int Number of entries on the current page

The VolumeInfo structure includes the following fields:

Field Type Description
RegionId String Region ID.
ClusterId String Cluster ID.
ClusterName String Cluster name.
VolumeId String Volume instance ID.
VolumeType String Data volume type. Currently, only Alibaba Cloud Network Attached Storage (NAS) is supported.
VolumeProtocol String Storage protocol. Currently, only NFS4 is supported.
VolumeMountpoint String Mount point address.
RemoteDirectory String Target remote directory for the mount operation.

Error codes

Code Description
UnknownError Unknown error