Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch (ES) only supports Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks. Before you purchase an Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch instance, you must create a VPC network and a VSwitch.

For more information about how to create a VPC network and a VSwitch, see Create an IPv4 VPC.

When you create a VPC network and VSwitch, follow these guidelines:

  • You can use Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) to access an Alibaba Cloud Elasticsearch instance, which is optional. However, you must create the ECS instance in the same region as your Elasticsearch instance, and make sure that it meets the following requirements:
    • If the ECS instance is connected to a VPC network, make sure that the Elasticsearch instance is also connected to the same VPC network.
    • If the ECS instance is connected to a classic network, use the solution described in What are the limits of ClassicLink? to connect the ECS and Elasticsearch instances.
  • After you select a VPC network, the VSwitch drop-down list only lists VSwitches in zones supported by your Elasticsearch instance in the specified VPC network.
    • If no VSwitch is available in the supported zones, you must manually create a VSwitch in one of the supported zones.
    • Make sure that the number of available VSwitch IP addresses is no less than 200. Otherwise, the system displays the message Don't have enough private IPs in this switch.
    • If your Elasticsearch and ECS instances are deployed in the same VPC network and region but different zones, you must create a VSwitch in the zone of the Elasticsearch instance to ensure that the ECS instance can access your Elasticsearch instance.
    • If this is the first time that you have purchased an Elasticsearch instance, you can choose a free trial Elasticsearch instance.