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Prepare for deployment

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018

Before using a Docker image to deploy applications, complete the following preparations.

  1. Activate the image repository
  2. Prepare a packaging environment

Activate the image repository

  1. Log on to the image repository console at https://cr.console.aliyun.com/.

  2. Create the default namespace and set the default password as prompted.

Prepare a packaging environment

Perform the following steps to prepare a packaging environment:

  1. Prepare Docker
  2. Configure the image accelerator
  3. Download the EDAS basic image

Prepare Docker

In current packaging mode, the Docker service must be available and able to access the Alibaba Cloud image repository.

If you are a Linux user, use Centos 7.0/Ubuntu 12.04 or later versions to ensure that the kernel version of the operating system meets the basic requirements for running Docker.

Configure an image accelerator

  1. Access the image repository console and obtain your image acceleration channel Image accelerator .

  2. Configure an image accelerator.

    Configure the image accelerator address based on the local packaging environment and the help information of the specific operating system.

    If the operating system is CentOS, copy the following command and paste and execute it on the host in which Docker is installed and image is to be packaged.

    sudo mkdir -p /etc/docker
    sudo tee /etc/docker/daemon.json <<-'EOF'
    "registry-mirrors": ["URL of image repository"]
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    sudo systemctl restart docker
  3. Restart the Docker service.

    • Linux: The service is automatically restarted when the preceding command is run.
    • Mac system: If Docker Engine is used, click restart in the lower right corner.

Download EDAS basic image

  1. To create an image, download the basic image of the corresponding version of the application.

    The version is the value set in the Application Runtime Environment field when the application is created, for example, EDAS-Container 3.2.

  2. Confirm the application version.

    Click the created Docker application and click Software Version on the left-side menu bar to confirm the application version.

  3. Find the corresponding source.

    Access the URL https://dev.aliyun.com/detail.html?repoId=5610 to find the corresponding version.

  4. Pull the image.

    Run the following command to pull the image.

    Replace 3.2 with the image version to be pulled. If the update time on the right changes, you are advised to update the basic image and repackage the image.

    docker pull registry.aliyuncs.com/edas/edas-container:3.2
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