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Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Compared with traditional supercomputing centers

  • E-HPC is ready for use once purchased and you can buy E-HPC according to your business needs.
  • E-HPC offers variety of options. You can select the most proper computing resource ratio (for example, EGS instance) according to your application needs.
  • E-HPC fully reuses Alibaba Cloud products, greatly improving data security and enhancing the availability.

Compared with self-built HPC clusters

  • E-HPC helps you save a great deal of CAPEX, including but not limited to:

    • Hardware system cost.
    • Software license cost (multiple cores and nodes).
    • Costs of server room construction, electric power consumption, and cooling.
    • Daily O&M cost.
  • E-HPC frees you from the worry about hardware upgrades.

  • With robust scalability, E-HPC can be integrated with all Alibaba Cloud products.

Compared with self-built cloud server clusters

  • E-HPC provides a user-friendly software management service covering all supporting software stack functions of HPC applications. E-HPC can be upgraded along with the HPC community (OEM/OSV/ISV/user/developer/open source community).

  • E-HPC optimizes software licenses to help you save costs.

  • E-HPC provides automatic scaling up or scaling down service for cluster nodes.