Fast data-driven decision making

Business goals:

  • Easier method to read data

    Currently, businesses must rely on IT professionals to design SQL statements for multi-dimensional analytics.

  • Easier report making processes

    Delivering updates and new code to the back-end analytics system is time-consuming and tedious.

  • Reduction of associated costs

    Many reporting libraries usually require a tremendous upfront cost.

Quick BI integration

RDS + Quick BI

Integrate with existing systems

Capable of achieving:

  • Easy adoption

    It can be difficult to find a data analytics platform that is both easy to adopt and suitable for users with varying degrees of expertise.

  • Faster data consumption

    Smooth integration with existing systems allows for rapid analytics and data consumption

  • Unified interface

    An all-in-one interface enables users to easily access data and eliminate the need to use multiple systems.

Quick BI integration

RDS + Quick BI

Control transactional data

Business goals:

  • Row-level access control

    Implement fine-grained access control in order for users to view and analyze data directly related to their specific tasks and goals.

  • Rapid response to change

    When business growth adjusts, the analytics platform must respond to these changes quickly.

  • Consistent computing performance across multiple data sources

    A strong cloud infrastructure and data analytics platform underlayer allows you to connect to different data sources without compromising on performance.

Quick BI integration

Log + RDS + Quick BI + MaxCompute