Quick BI has numerous customers around the world. The dynamic features meet the requirements in different scenarios.

Dynamic data analysis and effective decision-making

In data-driven business operations and management, we often need to create analysis reports based on data such as the customer retention rate and the active customer rate. Quick BI is easy to use and provides multiple data presentation techniques that support dynamic data analysis and effective decision-making. The following customer issues are resolved:

  • Inconvenience to obtain data

    For better decision-making, business managers often need to ask technical staff to write SQL statements for querying data based on different conditions.

  • Difficulty to generate and maintain reports

    The data of the backend analysis system changes frequently, the development cycle is long, and it is difficult to develop and maintain the system.

  • The design of charts is unfriendly and costs large amounts of effort

    Reports that are created with tools such as HighChart have a plain visualization and require large amounts of effort.

Recommended services:

RDS + Quick BI

Reports integrated with your own system

A shipping service provider wants to build a simple BI platform that supports data visualization and analysis at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time. The platform is supposed to integrate important business data into the management system of the company and provide employees in different departments and regions with data support. Quick BI resolves the issues of users and provides the following features:

  • Easy to use

    The system is quick and easy to use. It meets the data requirements for all and is easy to get started.

  • Significantly improved efficiency for data presentation

    Integrated with your system to perform data analysis. Significantly improves the efficiency of data visualization and analysis.

  • Single entry point

    Staff no longer need to switch between multiple systems.

Recommended services:

RDS + Quick BI

Permission management of transaction data

Data is significant to each city manager of a certain payment platform. The managers need transaction data to measure the development of the business in different cities. It is vital that we identify risks in time, drill down to locate the issues, and then resolve them. Data access control is as important as data analysis to a data team. Based on this requirement, Quick BI provides you with the following features:

  • Row-level permissions

    The same report is displayed differently for each user role. The Shanghai city manager can only view data that is related to the Shanghai marketplace.

  • Dynamic business requirements

    Statistical indicators constantly change with the growth of a business. When the server cannot handle all the requests, the server response slows down.

  • Data integration across sources and high computing performance

    You can leverage the BI capabilities of Alibaba Cloud to resolve the issues of data analysis across multiple sources and the computing performance bottleneck.

Recommended services:

Log + RDS + Quick BI + MaxCompute