• Integrated: Supports multiple Alibaba Cloud data sources such as HybridDB for MySQL, MaxCompute, and Analytic DB.
  • Fast: Analyzes massive data and generates visuals in seconds.
  • Plenty of analysis tools: Fulfills your requirement of different types of report.
  • Intelligent: Based on the feature of your data, generates the visualization charts that give you the insight of the data in the most simplified and effective way.

Key features

  • Visualization chart 33 built-in types of charts to meet various analytic scenarios. Intelligently recommends visualization based on the data feature.
  • Realize real-time analysis of massive data fast Quick BI supports HybridDB for MySQL, Maxcompute (formerly ODPS), and Analytic DB Quick BI’s query acceleration engine saves the time of data pre-processing, and helps you to get quick answers from your data.
  • Multidimensional data analysis Based on the work environment of web pages, one key import, and real-time analysis.  You can flexibly switch the perspective of data analysis, without remodeling the data.
  • Acceleration One-key operation to accelerate the processing of billions of lines of data.
  • Integration Reports created in Quick BI can be embedded into your own system, so you can access the reports without having to log on to Quick BI.
  • Secure Granular permission control built on a three layer hierarchy.