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Profile Analysis task

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018

The Profile Analysis node is used to call the data synchronization tasks created in the Profile Analysis products, and perform scheduling production according to the node configuration. Profile Analysis node tasks can only be added in DataWorks after the working groups and scheduled tasks are created in the Profile Analysis.

Create a working group and a scheduled task for Profile Analysis

  1. In a Profile Analysis product, click Settings > System Settings, and then create a working group. You can create multiple working groups and manage their respective tags under each working group.

  2. After creating the working groups, click Back to Homepage in the left pane.

  3. Click Tag Synchronization and configure the scheduled tasks.

Create a Profile Analysis node

  1. On the Data Development page, click New and select Create Task.

  2. Complete the configurations in the Create Task dialog box. Select Node Task as the task type and Profile Analysis as the type. Then, click Create.

  3. Click Save and Submit to complete the periodic scheduling of the Profile Analysis tasks.

    The data synchronization task is used to perform tag data synchronization among different data sources in Profile Analysis.