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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2019


ApsaraVideo Player SDKs play an important role in video streaming between terminals over Alibaba Cloud. In addition to playing on-demand videos and live streaming, ApsaraVideo Player SDKs are fully integrated in Alibaba ApsaraVideo services, such as encrypted playback, secure download, and definition switching. ApsaraVideo Player SDKs provide you with simple, fast, secure, and stable video playback services.

For more information about the features, advantages, versions, and use cases of ApsaraVideo Player SDKs, see ApsaraVideo Player SDK introduction.


For background information about playback, see Video playback overview.

Download ApsaraVideo Player SDKs

ApsaraVideo Player SDKs are available for three types of terminals.

Terminal Overview Documentation Download URL
Web The Flash and HTML5 versions are provided. They can be integrated into browsers on PCs and mobile devices respectively. The development language is JavaScript. Web player Download
iOS Provide SDK with demos. They can be integrated into iOS apps. The development language is Objective-C. Integration Download
Android Provide SDK with demos. They can be integrated into Android apps. The development language is Java. Integration Download