Global Acceleration is easy to configure. You can bind the backend service that you want to accelerate to a Global Acceleration instance at any time. The configuration takes effect immediately.

Global Acceleration has the following benefits:
  • Independently purchased and owned
    • You can purchase a Global Acceleration instance as an independent resource, instead of bundling with other computing resources or storage resources.

    • Each Global Acceleration instance is an independent resource under your account.

  • Elastic binding

    You can bind a backend service to a Global Acceleration instance to accelerate the Internet access, and unbind that backend service whenever the Internet acceleration is no longer required.

  • Configurable network capabilities

    You can adjust the bandwidth of a Global Acceleration instances based on your business needs. Changes take effect in real time.

    • The bandwidth range is 10-1000 Mbps. The maximum bandwidth that a Global Acceleration instance can use to access a backend service is 1000 Mbps and the minimum bandwidth is 10 Mbps. Contact your customer manager to apply for a larger bandwidth.

    • If the bandwidth is between 10-100 Mbps, the gradient is 10 Mbps.

    • If the bandwidth is larger than 100 Mbps, the gradient is 100 Mbps.