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Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Does TSDB support public network access?

Yes, it does. However, you must create the TSDB instances in the VPC network first (see Create an instance), then enable the public network access on the TSDB console. For details, see the Access through a public network section in Network connection.

How to visualize the data in TSDB?

TSDB supports two ways of data visualization as shown in the following:

How to resolve the error “Connection timed out” thrown when the instance access is timed out?

  • The default network mode for TSDB instances is VPC network, therefore, if the accessing host is not in the same VPC network as the TSDB instance, the connection will fail, and the “Connection timed out” error will be thrown. The solution is as follows:
  • If the accessing host is in the same region as the instance, add the host to VPC network where the instance is located in.

What to do when the message “Exceed Max TS counter xxxx” is returned for a request?

  • The message indicates that the total number of time series in the TSDB instance has exceeded the limit. Please increase configured limit of time series, or delete part of the time series (for details, see Clean up time series).