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Original image address

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2018

Live video addresses can be classified into original image addresses and transcoded addresses.

Original image address

Original images are original video streams that are not transcoded. The original image address is in the format of Playback domain name+AppName+StreamName.

Alibaba Cloud provides three playback protocols that can be applied to the multiple terminals and platforms.

Advantage Disadvantage Latency Feature Applicable terminal
RTMP Low latency Unstable during high concurrency
Players that support related protocols must be developed for iOS.
Usage of the non-standard TCP ports
1s to 3s TCP persistent connection PC end
HLS Cross-platform
Playing using HTML5 decompressed packet
High latency > 10s HTTP short connection PC end and mobile end
HTTP-FLV Low latency
Playing using HTML5 decompressed packet
Playing through the integrated SDKs
1s to 3s TCP persistent connection PC end

Playback addresses of different specifications:

RTMP format: rtmp:// live.aliyun.com/{AppName}/{StreamName}

FLV format: http:// live.aliyun.com/{AppName}/{StreamName}.flv

M3U8 format: http:// live.aliyun.com/{AppName}/{StreamName}.m3u8


The streaming address is:

rtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/{live}/{3}?vhost={Live video domain name}

The corresponding playback addresses are:

rtmp:// play.aliyunlive.com/{live}/{3}

http:// play.aliyunlive.com/{live}/{3}.flv

http:// play.aliyunlive.com/{live}/{3}.m3u8

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