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Create multiple stream pushing addresses

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018

A live video activity requires a live streaming address. Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo Live supports trigger-by-activity creation. On the basis of the activity creation rules, you can create multiple live interactive activities without APIs.

Structure of a live stream address

The live video service address has three levels of live video management units, namely the domain name (Domain), an application (APPName) and a live stream (StreamName). You can create multiple applications (APPName) under each domain name (Domain), and multiple live streams (StreamName) under each application.

AppName and StreamName can be edited and customized. Different values are used to generate various types of streaming and playback addresses.

For example, if an application is named live, you can create multiple live streams under live. The stream pushing address is:

rtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/{live}/{3}?vhost={live video domain name}

rtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/{live}/{1}?vhost={live video domain name}

rtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/{live}/{2}?vhost={live video domain name}

You can also create multiple live streams for the application.

rtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/{live1}/{Stream}?vhost={live video domain name}

rtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/{live2}/{Stream}?vhost={live video domain name}

rtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/{live3}/{Stream}?vhost={live video domain name}

Structure of a playback address

The rules for both live video playback addresses and stream pushing addresses are similar. AppName and StreamName of the playback addresses correspond to the AppName and StreamName the stream pushing addresses.


The stream pushing address is:

rtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/{live}/{3}?vhost={live video domain name}

The corresponding playback addresses are:

http:// play.aliyunlive.com/{live}/{3}

http:// play.aliyunlive.com/{live}/{3}.flv

http:// play.aliyunlive.com/{live}/{3}.m3u8

How to obtain an address after transcoding

The live playback address is spliced into different parameters. The playback address after transcoding is formed by the original stream address and template IDs. The address format isplayback domain name+AppName+StreamName+_“+transcoding template name.

Template name LD SD HD UHD
Standard quality LLD LSD LHD LUD
High quality (narrowband HD transcoding template) LD SD HD UD


The SD transcoding template name is sd and the splicing rules of the live playback address are as follows:

RTMP format: rtmp:// live.aliyun.com/{AppName}/{StreamName} _sd

FLV format: http:// live.aliyun.com/{AppName}/{StreamName} _sd.flv

You can create multiple stream pushing addresses according to the rules and the live activities can be performed simultaneously. When performing multiple live broadcast activities, note that each domain processes a limited number of concurrent streams. A maximum of 20 concurrent streams and 10 transcoding streams are allowed for each domain. Therefore, before performing multiple live broadcast activities, you must check whether the current stream limitation meets your requirements. If it does not meet your requirements, you can Open a ticket and contact Alibaba Cloud technical support.

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