This topic describes how to use the Kafka Manager service to manage your E-MapReduce (EMR) Kafka cluster.


Notice When you create a Kafka cluster, the Kafka Manager service is automatically installed and the authentication feature of the service is enabled.
  1. Use SSH tunneling to access the Web user interface (UI). For more information, see Connect to a cluster using SSH.

    • We recommend that you change the password if this is the first time you are using the Kafka Manager service.
    • SSH tunneling is used to prevent port number 8085 from being exposed. If you want to access the Web UI through http://localhost:8085, you must whitelist IP addresses to avoid data leakage.
  2. Enter the username and password configured for Kafka Manager.useradmin
  3. Add a Kafka cluster and enter the Zookeeper address configured for the cluster. Select a suitable Kafka version. Select Enable JMX Polling.add Kafka
  4. After you create a Kafka cluster, you can use its features.Kakfa