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Default system application list

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2018
Application nameServices containedBrief introduction
acsrouting routingProvides the request routing service with layer-7 protocol, which consists of Server Load Balancer and an HAProxy container. After the domain name is correctly configured, the request can be sent to the specified container. For how to use acsrouting, see Routing FAQs.
acslogginglogtail and logspoutIntegrates with Alibaba Cloud Log Service to upload the logs printed by applications in containers to Alibaba Cloud Log Service for storage, facilitating you to query and analyze the logs. For more information, see Enable Log Service.
acsmonitoringacs-monitoring-agentIntegrates with Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor and currently popular third-party open-sourced monitoring frameworks, facilitating you to query the monitoring information and configure the monitoring alarms. For how to use acsmonitoring, see Container monitoring service.
acsvolumedrivervolumedriverIntegrates with Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) and NAS, facilitating you to use shared storage by means of data volumes and removing the need for stateful container Operation & Maintenance (O&M). For how to use acsvolumedriver, see Data volume service.