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Change configurations

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2018

A DRDS instance is a distributed cluster consisting of a DRDS server and underlying storage. The DRDS server provides SQL statement routing, data merging, and data aggregation. The underlying storage mainly stores data. The instance configuration change function allows you to change the number of nodes in a DRDS cluster. You can upgrade the instance configurations during busy hours to enable the DRDS cluster to carry more service traffic, or downgrade the instance configurations to avoid resource waste.


  • Only dedicated instances support configuration changes.

  • Subscription instances support configuration upgrades only.

  • If a persistent connection is used, the upgraded nodes cannot receive traffic effectively. Restart the application if possible.


  1. On the “Instances” page, locate an instance, and click Change Specification in the Actions column.

  2. Select the expected series and specification, read and select the service agreement, and click Pay.

    Several minutes later, you can view the instance in the instance list.