TableStore.Client provides a series of methods for users to manage tables and perform read and write operations on a single row or multiple rows.

Obtain an endpoint

An endpoint is the domain name that is used to access a Tablestore instance in a region. To query an endpoint, perform the following operations:

  1. Log on to the Tablestore console.
  2. Go to the Instance Details tab. You can view the endpoints of the instance in the Instance Access URL section.
Note For more information about the endpoints, see Endpoint.

Configure an AccessKey pair

To access Tablestore, you must have an AccessKey pair that consists of an AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret to verify your identity. For more information, see Create an AccessKey.

After you obtain the AccessKey pair, you can use the following operation to initialize an OTSClient instance:

        var client = new TableStore.Client({
accessKeyId: '<your access key id>',
accessKeySecret: '<your access key secret>',
endpoint: '<your endpoint>',
instancename: '<your instance name>',
maxRetries:20,// The default number of retry attempts is 20. You can ignore this parameter.