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Clean up data

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2020

As time goes on and with the growth of your business, your data volume will keep increasing. To save the storage space and keep the timeliness of your data, TSDB enables you to clean up data through the console or HTTP APIs.

This document describes how to clean up data in the console. For instructions on how to clean up data through HTTP APIs, see Clean up data in the Development Guide.


  1. On the Instances page in the TSDB console, click Manage in the Actions column of the instance.

  2. In the menu at the left of the Instance Details page, click Data Cleanup.

  3. On the Data Cleanup page, specify the cleanup conditions.

    1. In the Time Range field, select the start time and end time of the period during which the data you are going to clean is generated.

      Note: supports querying data by a single timestamp. When querying, set StartTime same as Endtime.

    2. In the Metrics field, select a metric in the drop-down list, and click the Add button. You are allowed to add multiple metrics. This field is mandatory.

  4. After completing the condition settings, click Clean Up.

Result Verification

After the cleanup is done, you can view the result in the Cleanup Records list on the page.