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Clean the data

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2018

Request path and method

Request path Request method Description
/api/delete_data POST Deletes the data

Request content

Name Type Required or not Description Default value Example
metric String Yes Metric of the data to be deleted None cpu.usage
start Integer Yes Start timestamp of the data to be deleted, in seconds None 1499308591
end Integer No End timestamp of the data to be deleted, in seconds Current time 1499508591

Request JSON example

Job: Clean all the data starting from 1499308591 to 1499508591 and of which the metric is "cpu.usage".

Request: POST/api/delete_data

Request body:

    "metric": "cpu.usage",
    "start": 1499308591,
    "end": 1499508591

Response description

If the error code 200 is returned, the request succeeds; otherwise, the request fails. For details about error messages, see Public response status code.

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