The alarm template function allows you to save alarm rules in templates so that when you create alarm rules, you do not need to define each alarm rule individually. Using this function can improve O&M and overall efficiency, especially for larger and complex business operations.

Alarm templates are used together with application groups. If you have multiple cloud resources (such as ECS instances, RDS services, SLB instances, and OSS buckets), we recommend that you create application groups for these resources according to your business needs. Then, when you create alarm templates, you can apply the templates to your required application groups. This process helps you quickly create alarm rules for all of your business modules.

By default, CloudMonitor provides an initialized alarm template that contains common metrics for products such as ECS, RDS, SLB, CDN, Redis, MongoDB, and OSS, so that you can quickly and easily start to create alarm templates.

  • Alarm templates apply only to application groups, meaning that alarm templates can be used only when you select application groups as the resource range for an alarm rule.
  • Each Alibaba Cloud account can contain up to 100 alarm templates.
  • Each alarm template can contain up to 30 metrics.
  • The alarm template function is only a shortcut to create multiple alarm rules. Alarm rules are not bound to alarm templates. After an alarm template is modified, alarm rules generated by using this template will remain unchanged. To modify the alarm rules for different application groups in batches, you must apply the modified template to each application group.

Create a template

  1. Log on to the CloudMonitor console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Alarms > Alarm Templates.
  3. Click Create Alarm Template.
  4. Enter a Template Name and Description under Basic Info.
  5. Set an alarm rule. To add more alarm rules, click Add Alarm Rule.
  6. Click OK.

Use a template

  • Use an alarm template when you create an application group

    When you create an application group for your resources, you can select an existing alarm template in the MonitorAlarm area. After the application group is created successfully, CloudMonitor generates alarm rules for this group based on the selected alarm template.

  • Apply an alarm template directly to an application group
    If you have created an application group but have not created alarm rules for the group, you can create an alarm template and then quickly apply the template to the group.