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Delete a task

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018

If you want to discard an edited version when you are editing a task, or disable the automatic operation of a task in the scheduling system after the periodic task submission, you can select to delete the task.


  1. Click Task Development in the left-side navigation pane of Data Development page. Right-click a task and click Delete.


  2. If the selected periodic task has been submitted, a dialog box appears to confirm your deletion after you click Delete. Select the This operation cannot be undone. I understand and ackonwledge the risk! checkbox and click Confirm delete the task.


    Once confirmed, the edited version of this task is deleted from the Task Development page, and no more periodic instances will automatically generate for this task in the scheduling system.


    To make sure traceable maintenance of tasks, the scheduling system does not delete the instances generated in the last few days. In this case, If a task is deleted, the instances generated on the same day are not deleted but may fail to run.