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Test run a task

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Currently, following are the four modes DataWorks offers that can enable the codes in a to take effect for the data: page direct run, test run, system automatic and periodic run, and data completing run. For the differences among these modes and their use cases, see Data development overview.

Test run is suitable for the scenario where scheduling system is manually triggered to check parameter replacements and code running before a submitted task is used as a long-term production task. This article describes how to trigger a test run of a periodic task by taking ODPS_SQL node task as an example.


Test run supports running tasks on specified resource groups. To run a task on a custom resource group, locate this task in O&M Center > Task List > Cycle Task and select Modify Resource Group to change the resource group for the task.


Trigger a test run

Take the ODPS_SQL node task in Create a task as an example. Double-click the task to open it, and click Test Run.


View test instances

The two methods of viewing test instances are as follows:

  • Click Test Run to trigger a test run. After your confirmation, a dialog box appears. Click Go to the O&M Center to view the running status and logs of the task.


  • Go to the Operation Center > Testing Instance page, search for the task, based on the task name to find the corresponding instances.

View running logs

  1. Go to the Operation Center > Testing Instance page.

  2. Click a task name, the task workflow node is shown in the right-side of the page.

  3. Right-click a node and select View Log to view the output information during the run.

If an instance runs successfully, the following messages appear at the end of the log.

Figure name

If an instance fails the run, use the shortcut key Ctrl+F on the log page to trigger the search box, and then search for keywords Error or Exception to view the error messages and modify the codes as indicated.