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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2018
  1. Why am I charged RMB 2 on a daily basis?

    It’s the MQ fee. MQ fee = API calling fee + Topic resource occupation fee. The resource occupation fee of each Topic is RMB 2 per day.

  2. I deleted the Topic yesterday, and why did I receive the bill and get charged today?

    The Topic resource occupation fee is calculated from 00:00 to 23:59:59 each day, and is billed on the next day. Therefore, the Topic that you deleted yesterday was recorded in the billing system, and you will receive the bill today. You will not be charged from tomorrow.

  3. I’m not using the Message Queue service. Why am I still charged for this?

    Please check the bill and see if you used any Message Queue (MQ) services:



    If you do not need to use the MQ service any more, please delete all resources in the MQ console to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

  4. Why is the MQ service disabled in the console while I can see the MQ bill?

    When your MQ payment is overdue for more than 72 hours, Alibaba Cloud will suspend the service, and you cannot access MQ console and MQ API. However, you still have to settle the bill before the MQ service is resumed.

  5. How to disable the MQ service?

    Please delete the Topic resources in all regions, and stop all senders and consumers.

  6. The total number of messages in a day is 631,238, but according to the bill, the number of API calls is 126,315,056. Where did these API calls come from?

    Number of API calls = Number of API calls to send messages + Number of API calls to subscribe to messages + Number of long polling API calls. Note: A long polling request is an API call generated by MQ Consumer to push a message in real time. Each queue generates a long polling request every 15 seconds. If a message is generated within these 15 seconds, the long polling request will not be counted.

  7. I have purchased MQTT(Light Message Queue) instances and settled the bill, but why am I charged again after sending messages?

    Light Message Queue prepayment only covers the protocols supported by itself, namely the message transmission and message storage in MQTT, and does not cover the Topic occupation fee of MQ and the API calling fee incurred by other protocols (TCP) supported by MQ.

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