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Deployment process

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018

You can use Docker to deploy applications on EDAS to improve your resource usage.

Perform the following steps to deploy an application on EDAS using Docker:

  1. Create a Docker host cluster, and add a Docker instance to the cluster.

    For details, see Create a cluster and Add a cluster host.


    • You do not need to manually install EDAS Agent on ECS where the Docker application is to be installed.

    • The Docker application deployed on EDAS shares the IP address and network with the host at present. It will have an independent IP address and network in VPC in the future.

  2. Create an application.

    Use Docker to create an application. For details, see the Docker-related content in Publish an application.

  3. Deploy an application.

    You can upload a WAR package or create a Docker image to deploy an application using Docker.

    • Upload a WAR package

      The method for deploying an application using Docker is the same as that for deploying an EDAS common application. For details, see Publish an application. After the WAR package is uploaded, it runs in a Docker container.

    • Create a Docker image

    1. Prepare for deployment
      1. Activate an image repository
      2. Prepare a packaging environment
    2. Create custom images
      1. Compile a Dockerfile
      2. Use the local Docker command
    3. Deploy images

This section mainly describes how to use a Docker image to deploy an application.

EDAS provides open APIs for deploying a Docker application. You can build a Jenkins continuous integration platform by yourself. After the code is committed by calling the open APIs of EDAS, the application is automatically packed as a Docker image and deployed on EDAS. For details, see Build continuous integration.


  • After deploying an application, you can monitor and manage it on the application management page of the EDAS console.

  • You can monitor and manage Docker containers in Cluster Management under Resources of the EDAS console.

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