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TCP access instruction

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2018

TCP Multi-language SDK Support

Currently, the TCP access method supports SDKs for Java, C/C++, and .NET.

TCP Access Domain Name

Environment Description Access Point
Public Cloud Intranet Access (Alibaba Cloud Classic/VPC):
East China 1, East China 2, North China 1, North China 2, South China 1, and Hong Kong
Public Cloud Internet Access http://onsaddr-internet.aliyun.com/rocketmq/nsaddr4client-internet
Public Cloud Region: Southeast Asia Pacific 1 (Singapore) http://ap-southeastaddr-internal.aliyun.com:8080/rocketmq/nsaddr4client-internal
Public Cloud Region: Southeast Asia Pacific 3 (Kuala Lumpur) http://ons-ap-southeast-3-internal.aliyun.com:8080/rocketmq/nsaddr4client-internal
AntCloud Region: East China 1 http://jbponsaddr-internal.aliyun.com:8080/rocketmq/nsaddr4client-internal
AntCloud Region: East China 2, South China 1 http://mq4finance-sz.addr.aliyun.com:8080/rocketmq/nsaddr4client-internal
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