You can upload media files from web pages, PCs, or mobile terminals that run an iOS or Android operating system to OSS buckets allocated by ApsaraVideo VOD. This method is suitable for background operations and scenarios where user generated content (UGC) and professionally generated content (PGC) are uploaded. This topic describes the process, prerequisites, and authorizations for uploading from clients, as well as the supported features and SDKs.


Client upload SDKs support the following upload features and settings:

  • Variety of media file types: You can upload multiple types of local media files, including video, audio, and image files.
  • Multiple file upload: You can upload multiple media files at a time. You can add files to or delete files from the file list, cancel or resume the upload, and list or clear the files.
  • Upload control: You can start, stop, pause, or resume the upload.
  • Resumable upload: Resumable upload is completed by upload SDKs. If a video fails to be uploaded due to any exceptions, the upload is resumed from where it is stopped.
  • Network switching: You can switch the network of your mobile terminal between 3G or 4G and Wi-Fi. To avoid wasting data in 3G or 4G networks, you can pause the upload when the network switches to 3G or 4G and resume the upload when the network switches back from 3G or 4G to Wi-Fi. Whether your mobile terminal uses a 3G or 4G network or Wi-Fi is determined by the terminal itself.
  • Additional settings: For information about other upload settings, see Overview.


The following figure shows the process to upload from clients.




When medial files are uploaded from clients, the files are directly uploaded to OSS buckets allocated by ApsaraVideo VOD without passing through servers. Therefore, the clients must be authenticated. You must deploy the authorization service on the application servers.

Client upload SDKs support the following authorization methods:

Note By default, ApsaraVideo VOD uses upload URLs and credentials for uploads. This method is more advantageous over STS. For a comparison between the two methods, see Comparison between credentials and STS.

Client upload SDKs

ApsaraVideo VOD provides three client upload SDKs. For more information, see the following topics: