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Use sub-account

Last Updated: Apr 03, 2018

If this is your first time to use DataWorks and to work on the DTplus platform with your sub-account, you must make sure that you are equipped with the following information:

  • The enterprise alias for the primary account to which your sub-account subordinates.

  • The user name and password of your sub-account.

  • The AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret of your sub-account.

  • Confirm that the primary account has allowed your sub-account to Enable Console Logon.

  • Confirm that the primary account has allowed your sub-account to Manage AccessKeys.

If you are not sure about this information, verify the following with your primary account:


  1. Log on to the DTplus console by using the RAM user logon link provided by the primary account.

  2. Navigate to the DataWorks > Project List page, and click Enter Project in the corresponding project to enter the data development page.

Update personal information

Because your AccessKey is a private key, you must enter it manually before you start working on DataWorks.

  1. Enter the personal information page.

    You can use any of the following methods to enter the personal information page:

    • If it is your first time to enter the DataWorks dashboard, you will be prompted to enter your AccessKey. Click the link in the red box and enter the personal information page to update your AccessKey information.

    • If you have used DataWorks dashboard before, you can enter the DTplus console> Overview page and click Personal Information.


  2. Click Modify AccessKey Information to enter AccessKey information you have obtained from the primary account.


  3. Enter the DTplus console again or refresh the page. Now, you can start your data development journey with DataWorks.