To guarantee service availability, ApsaraDB for Redis provides the SLA indicators for your instance from the last two months.  Indicators with a value greater than or equal to 99.95% are normal (highlighted in green). If there are indicators with a value smaller than 99.95% (highlighted in red), you can apply for compensation on the console.

Please refer to the calculation methods and compensation standards for availability of services.

Compensation request time limit

You can apply for the compensation after the fifth working day of every month for the instance that fails to meet the availability standards during the previous month. The application period is limited for up to two months following the month when your ApsaraDB for Redis instance fell short of the availability standard.  Application beyond this period isn't accepted.


  1. Log on to  the Redis console.
  2. Check the target instance and click Apply for compensation.
  3. On the SLA Compensation Management page, submit your application and click Confirm Compensation Application.
    • After submitting your application, you can view the application records on the Applied compensation page.
    • If you have any doubt about the compensation amount, click Appeal on the  SLA Compensation Management page, or click Apply for Review on the Instance List page to open a ticket to apply for compensation.