Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) can access Tablestore instances in the same region over the VPC. Before you access a Tablestore instance from an ECS instance over a VPC, you must bind the VPC to the Tablestore instance.


  1. Log on to the Tablestore console.
  2. Find the target instance, and click its name or click Manage in the Actions column to go to the Instance Details page.
  3. Click Bind VPC. The Bind VPC dialog box appears.
  4. Select the target VPC and VSwitch, enter a name in the VPC Name field, and then click OK.
    Note If you log on to the console with a RAM user, make sure that you have used your Alibaba Cloud account to grant the RAM user the required VPC permission AliyunVPCReadOnlyAccess on the Users page of the RAM console. Otherwise, you cannot obtain relevant VPC information.

After the instance is bound to the VPC, check the bound VPC information in VPC List on the Instance Details page. ECS instances in the VPC can access the Tablestore instance through the VPC-facing endpoint on the Instance Details page.

Unbind a VPC

To unbind a Tablestore instance from a VPC, find the target VPC in the VPC List, and click Unbind in the Actions column. After the VPC is unbound, ECS instances in the VPC can no longer access the Tablestore instance by using the VPC-facing endpoint. To access the Tablestore instance from these ECS instances, you must bind the Tablestore instance to the VPC again.