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Retrieve the seven connection elements

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018

ApsaraDB for MongoDB provides connection addresses for the Mongos and shard nodes used for database access.

The seven elements to connect to an ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance are as follows:

  • Instance username

  • Password

  • Cluster version instance name

  • Connection addresses and port numbers for the Mongos and shard nodes


  1. Log on to the MongoDB console. Here, you can view the following six connection elements, except for the password:

    • Basic Information: Tab displays the instance name.

    • Account Management: Tab displays account information.

    • Mongos: Tab displays the Mongos connection address and port number.

    • Shard: Tab displays the shard connection address and port number.

Note: There is a preset logon password when the instance is first created. If you want to change the password, click Reset Password on the instance’s Basic Information page. For more information, refer to Set a password.