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Log on and log out

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018

You can manage MongoDB instances on the MongoDB console. This chapter describes how to log on/out of the MongoDB console.


Before logging on to the MongoDB console, you must buy a MongoDB instance. For more information about purchasing, see Purchase. For more information about billing details, see ApsaraDB for MongoDB pricing.

The following steps use a replica set instance as an example to describe how to log on/out of the MongoDB console. The log on/out procedures for cluster version instances are similar to those for replica set. For more information, see the corresponding console operation interface.

Log on to MongoDB console

  1. Use the account that purchased ApsaraDB for MongoDB to log on to the MongoDB console.

  2. When the system displays the MongoDB Instance List interface, select the region where the instance is located, as shown in the following figure.


  3. Click the instance ID or Manage to go to the Basic Information page, where you can manage the instance account and whitelist and set instance parameters.

Log out of MongoDB console

Use either of the following methods to log out of the MongoDB console:

  • Click user information in the upper-right corner. In the displayed menu, click Sign out.

  • Close the web browser.

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