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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018

Document overview

ApsaraDB for MongoDB is fully compatible with the MongoDB protocol and can provide stable, reliable, and automatically scalable database service. It offers a full range of database solutions, such as disaster recovery, backup, recovery, monitoring, and alarms.

This document describes how to use ApsaraDB for MongoDB on the MongoDB console and familiarizes you with the features and functions of ApsaraDB for MongoDB.

If you need help, click Ticket Service > Submit Ticket on the MongoDB console.

For more information about ApsaraDB for MongoDB functions and pricing, go to the official website of ApsaraDB for MongoDB.


Some product features or services described in this document may be out of your scope of purchase or use. Follow the actual commercial contracts and conditions and terms. This document is only for guidance. No content in this document shall constitute any express or implied warranty. Due to product version upgrades or other reasons, the content of this document is irregularly updated. Make sure that the document version is consistent with the corresponding software version.

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