Last Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Billing method

In Express Connect, no matter the router is a virtual border router or a router interface, only the initiator charges, the receiver is free to use.

The supported billing method for the initiator is subscription.


The Pay-As-You-Go method is used only when creating the receiver. However, the receiver is free to use. Even the displayed billing method is Pay-As-You-Go, you are not charged for the receiver.


Price for physical connection

The price of the physical connection includes the leased line fee and the router interface fee as shown in the following table.

Billing itemsDescription
Leased line Rental fee Charged by the telecommunications operator.
Setup fee One-time setup fee charged by Alibaba Cloud. Currently the port of the leased line is not charged.
Router interface

Charged by Alibaba Cloud.

Only the initiator of the router interface is charged. No charges apply to the receiver of the router interface.

The price depends on regions of the receiver and initiator of the router interface, and the specification of the router interface.

Port reservation fee

Specification(Gbps) Fee(USD/Day) Promotional price before December 1, 2017(USD/Day)
1 20 0
10 170 0

Price for VPC interconnection (router interface)

When you want to create a connection between two VPCs, you just need to create a router interface. In other words, you just need to pay the initiator traffic fee for the VPC interconnection scenarios, the receiver of the router interface is not charged.

In addition to the specification of the router interface, the fee is also related to the distance between the initiator and receiver.

The price is subject to the purchase page of router interface. If you have any questions or further needs, please contact your business manager.

Overdue payments

  • Physical Connection

    • If an instance payment is overdue, the business status of the physical connection will go into a Financial-Locked status. The service will be suspended for a maximum of 15 days, during which communication stops between the interfaces. When the account is fully paid, the instance recovered immediately.

    • If sufficient payment is not received during the 15-day Financial-Locked period, all associated resources will be released. Instance data cannot be restored.

  • Initiator router interface

    • An initiator router interface is a subscription instance. If an initiator router interface expires, it will be suspended after 15 days. After renewal, the instance recovers immediately.

    • Once the router interface is suspended, the system will release the router interface after another 15 days, and all route entries pointing to the interface will be deleted. Released resources cannot be restored.

Auto renew

You can choose the Auto renew option to automatically complete the renewal.


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