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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018

You can easily migrate self-built MongoDB databases to ApsaraDB for MongoDB instances. However, ApsaraDB for MongoDB has the following limits relating to such processes.

Operation Limits
Database root permission Root permissions are unavailable to users.
Modify database parameters Currently, parameter modification functions are not supported.
Create database copy
  • The system automatically creates a three-node ReplicaSet. Of the three nodes, the primary and secondary nodes are provided to the users. The standby node is invisible to the users.
  • Currently, users cannot manually create a secondary node.
Restart database The instance must be restarted on the console.
Data migration
  • The command line or graphical interface can be used to perform logical import.
  • Currently, no official data import tool is provided.
Storage engine
  • MongoDB 3.2 is currently supported.
  • Only the WiredTiger storage engine is supported and the storage engine cannot be modified.
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