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Last Updated: Jan 08, 2018

Alibaba Cloud Express Connect can establish a dedicated private connection between two VPCs in any regions. The connection does not go through the Internet. This allows Express Connect to offer a fast, stable, secure, and dedicated network communication.

As shown in the following figure, assume that you have two VPCs: VPC1 with the CIDR block and VPC2 with the CIDR block

To establish a connection between VPC1 and VPC2, you need to use the router interface function of Express Connect. First, create a router interface, and set VPC1 as the initiator and VPC2 as the receiver. Then, add two custom route entries.

Express Connect

  • Custom route entry added in VPC1
    Destination CIDRNext hop typeNext hop interfaceRI1
  • Custom route entry added in VPC2
    Destination CIDRNext hop typeNext hop interfaceRI2

For more details, refer to: