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Last Updated: Feb 01, 2019

Alibaba Cloud provides two network types:

  • Classic networks

    Cloud products on a classic network are all deployed in Alibaba Cloud’s public infrastructure and planned and managed by Alibaba Cloud. These products are suitable for customers who have high ease-of-use requirements.

  • VPC networks

    VPC networks are virtual private clouds that allow custom isolation settings. You can define the custom VPC topology and IP addresses. VPCs are suitable for customers with high cybersecurity requirements and network management capabilities.

After purchasing a VPC and synchronizing it to the EDAS console, you can view its information in the EDAS console.

  1. Log on to the EDAS console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Resource Management > VPC.

    VPC instance list

  3. On the VPC page, select Region to view information about VPC instances in the region.

    Description of VPC instances:

    • VPC ID: automatically generated by the system when the VPC is created.Click the VPC ID to go to the VPC console.
    • Name: indicates the VPC name that you specified during VPC creation.
    • CIDR Block: indicates the VPC’s CIDR block you specified when the VPC is created.
    • Status: indicates the status of the VPC instance: Running or Stopped. Expired VPC instances are no longer displayed.
    • ECS instances: indicates the number of ECS instances created in this VPC network. Click the number to go to the ECS page, where you can see all the ECS instances in this VPC.

In a VPC network, ECS instances are isolated from EDAS instances.Therefore, you must install the log collector to collect the information on ECS instances.Click Install Log Collector in the Actions column on the Instances page.For log collector installation instructions, see Install log collector.