Transfer domain names through current registrar

  1. Update contact information (if necessary). Fill in correct Admin Contact information for your domain names. All confirmation emails concerning transferring in domain names are sent to the Admin Contact's email address.
  2. Unlock your domain names (if necessary). Domain names' status cannot be Clienthold.
  3. Disable transfer lock. Disable transfer lock for your domain names (if applicable).
  4. Get an transfer code (also known as auth code or EPP code).

Transfer domain name through Alibaba Cloud

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Domain Console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Domain Transfers-In > Transfer Domain Name In.
  2. Enter the domain names and auth code, and click Submit.

    To transfer multiple domain names:

    • Use a space to separate a domain name and its auth code. Use new lines for each domain. Press the Enter on the keyboard to start a new line.

    • To transfer a large number of domain names at a time, you can edit all the domain names and auth codes in a text editor (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or Notepad), and copy and paste them into the list.

    • You can transfer up to 200 domain names at a time.

  3. Select a registrant profile that is in passed real-name authentication status and click Next.

    You cannot submit it if the selected profile is not in passed real-name authentication status.

  4. Confirm the order and click Pay.
  5. Verify the auth code. The auth code you entered is verified automatically. If the auth code is correct, the domain names are transferred to Alibaba Cloud. According to the registry's regulation, the processing time for transferring in a domain name are 5-7 days or longer .