Domain name transfer is the act of transferring a domain name between registrars, generally from a third-party registrar to Alibaba Cloud, for management.

Transfer fees

Alibaba Cloud charges no fees for transferring a domain name to Alibaba Cloud. However, in accordance with ICANN, the target registrar of the domain name transfer must extend the validity period of the domain name by one year, which means an extension fee is incurred. A one-year extension fee is the same price as a one-year renewal.

  • If you have renewed a domain name for the maximum period of 10 years, the validity period of the domain name is not extended after the domain name is transferred to Alibaba Cloud.
  • If the domain name has been renewed with your original registrar upon its expiration, we recommend you wait at least 45 days after the renewal date to transfer the domain name to Alibaba Cloud. Otherwise, the validity period of your domain name cannot be extended by one year according to current regulations.

Transfer rules

The domain name to be transferred:

  • Must be an existing domain name.
  •  Must be registered from a register other than Alibaba Cloud.
  • Must have been registered for at least 60 days.
  • Is not in the clientUpdateProhibited/ServerUpdateProhibited/clientHold status.
  • Has exceeded 60 days since the previous transfer.
  • Is not in dispute, under arbitration, or restricted by any court of law.