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Import ECS instances

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018

If you have purchased an ECS instance without EDAS Agent installed, you need to import the ECS instance and synchronize it to the EDAS console.

  1. On the left-side navigation bar of the EDAS console, choose Resource Management > ECS.

  2. Click Import ECS in the upper right corner of the Instances page.

  3. On the Select Cluster and ECS page, select Namespace and Import Cluster, select an ECS instance, and click Next.

    • After a cluster is selected, the system detects and displays ECS instances available for the cluster.
    • If no clusters are desired, click Create Cluster.

    Selecting Instances

  4. On the Set New Password page, enter a new logon password for the ECS instance and click Next.

    After an ECS instance is imported, the system clears all data on the ECS instance, and you need to use the official EDAS image to reinstall the operating system.Keep your new password in mind.

    Enter a password

  5. In the Import ECS host dialog box, click Import.

    EDAS installs EDAS Agent on the ECS instance and synchronizes the instance to the EDAS Console.The installation and synchronization take about five minutes. Based on the prompts, click Back to go to the Cluster Details page under Cluster. In the Cluster Deployment Information area, you can check the import status and progress.

    When the ECS instance changes from Converting to Online status, the ECS instance has been imported successfully.

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