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Data mapping

Last Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Select a widget and click the Data tab. The data configuration menu of the widget appears.

  • Data interface


    The data interface of a selected widget is displayed in the following figure. If a widget is comprised of multiple data interfaces, you can click an interface title and configure data one by one.

  • Interface data structure

    The following area outlined in red displays the data structure of the selected data interface.


    Click the drop-down menu (outlined in red) to see various data source types.


    If you select Database, select a database for inquiry.


  • Data source type and parameter


    Data source type and the corresponding input parameters are displayed in the area outlined in red.

  • Data filters


    Select Data filter to enable the data filter function. You can write programs to implement data structure conversion, filtering, and simple calculations.

  • Data polling frequency


    Select Auto Data Request and manually input the frequency of data polling.

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