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Create folders and share

Last Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Step 1: Navigation

Workflow > Create Folders and Share > Run

Note: To create a shared folder, you must check the Enable File System for Volume box in the Create storage pool, volume, and LUN mappings step.

Step 2: Select a device

Select a connected device from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Create a folder

Specify the capacity and folder name. The default folder name is “Folder+Index.” You can also choose to enter a special name for the folder. Change the folder name option to “User input + index” and enter the name.

Step 4: Permission settings

Enter the shared name of the folder and select the protocol type. You can check the Setting box to select multiple sharing protocols such as CIFS and NFS. When multiple shared folders are created, an index code is added to each of them.

You can add or edit permissions for an existing user or group. Specific permissions include:

Permission Description
Full Control A user or group has full read and write access.
Read-Only A user or group can only read the content of a shared folder.
Access Denied Certain users or groups are not allowed to access the content of the folder.