Log on to the DataV console, and select Data Sources in the left-side navigation pane to manage data sources.

DataV supports access to the following data sources:

  • Database
  • CSV file and static JSON
  • API
  • Others


DataV supports the following types of databases:

If you are not using Alibaba Cloud and want to connect DataV to your own database, you must use the Internet IP address of the database to establish connection. We currently do not support IP whitelists. We recommend using an Alibaba Cloud database connection agent tool provide if you have any security concerns.

CSV and Static JSON

DataV supports the following types of static data:

DataV currently does not support reading large data files from other file storage you may have.


DataV supports the following types of APIs as data sources:

You can directly copy and paste an API address into the Data configuration panel. If your API has an authentication process, you must encapsulate the API in Alibaba Cloud API Gateway, and access it through configurations of Alibaba Cloud API gateway.


DataV data proxy service provides an open source database proxy service for you to deploy on your ECS. The data proxy service reduces the risks that may arise from the exposure of the Internet IP address of your database.

For more information about the deployment and installation of DataV data proxy services, see Introduction to the DataV Proxy service.