A database (DB) is a collection of data that is stored together in a certain way. Databases are independent of applications. Data in databases is least redundant and can be shared. A database can be regarded as an electronic filing cabinet on which you can perform operations such as add, query, update, and delete.

Alibaba Cloud provides the high-availability ApsaraDB for RDS database architecture. However, ApsaraDB for RDS may not meet the requirements of certain production environments, such as the scenarios that require Oracle and SQL Server databases. In this case, you can build a database on an ECS instance.

Common databases

Typically, three types of databases are used:
  • Oracle
    • Oracle provides a high degree of hardware stability. It can run on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms, from desktop computers to mainframes and supercomputers. Oracle supports symmetric multiprocessors, cluster multiprocessors, large-scale processors, and works with multiple languages.
    • Oracle is a multi-user system that can automatically recover from system failures in batch processing or online environments. The system provides a complete software development tool, Oracle Developer/2000, that consists of an interactive application generator, report printing software, word processing software, and a centralized data dictionary. You can use these components to generate your own applications.
    • Oracle presents data in two-dimensional tables, and provides Structured Query Language (SQL) to implement basic database management functions such as data query, modification, definition, and control.
    • Data in Oracle databases can be migrated smoothly. With the communication function provided by Oracle, programs on microcomputers can receive or transfer data from or to Oracle databases on minicomputers and even mainframes.
    • Oracle is a large-sized database system. It is suitable for small, medium, and large application systems and can serve both the client and server sides of server systems.
  • SQL Server

    SQL Server is a relational database system introduced by Microsoft. It is a scalable, high-performance database management system and designed for distributed clients and server computing. SQL Server works with Windows New Technology (Windows NT) and provides a transaction-based enterprise-level information management solution. Versions earlier than SQL Server 2016 can run only on Windows.

  • MySQL

    MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) based on SQL. SQL is the most popular database management language. MySQL databases can be used across platforms such as Linux and Windows.

Deployment methods

You can deploy a MySQL database manually.