Check the cause of failure

You can check the cause of cluster creation failure by viewing the cluster creation events.

Log on to the Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) console.

Select the region in which the cluster resides. Click Manage at the right of the cluster. Click Event in the left-side navigation pane. Move the cursor over the failed event to view the specific error message of the failure.

If the preceding error message is displayed, it means that the cluster creation failed because the number of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instances has reached the quota.

Failure codes and solutions

  • Code: QuotaExceeded.Eip, Message: Elastic IP address quota exceeded

    Solution: Release unused EIPs, or open a ticket to raise the EIP quota.

  • The maximum number of SLB instances is exceeded. Code: ORDER.QUANTITY_INVALID

    Solution: Release unused SLB instances, or open a ticket to raise the SLB quota.

  • Resource CREATE failed: ResponseException: resources.k8s_vpc: VPC quota exceeded. Code: QuotaExceeded.Vpc

    Solution: Release unused VPCs, or open a ticket to raise the VPC quota.

  • Resource CREATE failed: ResponseException: resources.k8s_master_1: The specified image does not support cloud-init. Code: ImageNotSupportCloudInit

    Solution: When using custom image to create a cluster, the custom image used must be developed based on the lastest Centos public cloud image.

  • Status Code: 403 Code: InvalidResourceType.NotSupported Message: This resource type is not supported;

    Solution: ECS is out of stock or the type of ECS instances you selected are not supported.