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Real-name registration for purchase of ApsaraVideo Live in China

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2018

If you attempt to purchase ApsaraVideo Live service in mainland China node ( China East 2 (Shanghai) or China North 2 (Beijing)), you must perform real-name registration on the page of the ApsaraVideo Live console. If you attempt to purchase ApsaraVideo Live service in Singapore node, you are not required to perform the real-name registration.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.

  2. Select the expected region.

  3. Click Add New Domain.


  4. Click Next step.


    If you have a company account, you must provide:

    • The name of the country your company is registered in.

    • The name of your company

    • Your company’s registration number

    • Your company’s registered address

    • A photo showing the front and back of your ID card or all the details of your passport

    • A photo showing your company certification or registration form


    If your account is a personal account, you must provide:

    • Your passport or driver’s license

    • Your passport number or driver’s license number

    • Your full name

    • A photo showing the front and back of your ID card or all the details of your passport


  5. Click submit.

    Once you enter all the details and click submit, you can see the following information in Account Management > Real-name Registration.

    • Real-name Registration is under check, usually taking one to two days.


    • When you clear the verification stage, you can view the following page:


    • If the real-name registration process fails, you receive a warning as follows. You can try submitting the form again and if the issue still continues, open a ticket for further assistance.



  • Why is it necessary to complete this registration in order to purchase ApsaraVideo Live service in mainland China?

    If you select the mainland China node when purchasing the ApsaraVideo Live service, the video stream is pushed to mainland China node in which real-name registration is a requirement under the laws and regulations of the PRC.

  • I supply my Chinese national ID card, but the real-name registration fails. Why?

    Currently we only accept passports, driver’s licenses, and overseas identity cards. If you are a Chinese citizen, you can try again with your passport.

  • What is a business certification/registration?

    This is a document you receive when registering your business in your home country. It must include an ID number given to you at the time you registered your business, which can be used to complete the real-name registration process with Alibaba Cloud.