Currently, you can access ApsaraDB for HBase over a public or internal network free of charge.

Access ApsaraDB for HBase over a public network ouside Alibaba Cloud

  • This solution provides convenience for development and testing. In most cases, the test and development environment is offline, such as a personal computer.
  • Customers can use ApsaraDB for HBase to synchronize data from on-premises databases to Alibaba Cloud.

Note: If you access ApsaraDB for HBase over a public network, Alibaba Cloud does not guarantee that the response latency and QPS can meet your requirements.

To access ApsaraDB for HBase over a public network, follow these steps:

1. Apply for a public endpoint.

ZooKeeper (ZK): use an endpoint that contains proxy-pub.

2. Configure the whitelist.

Access ApsaraDB for HBase in a VPC network from a classic network

  • This solution is designed for data migration.

This feature currently is unavailable in the ApsaraDB for HBase console. To use this feature, you must submit a ticket to the product team.

The preceding solutions require you to use the client customized by Alibaba Cloud.

For more information about the Maven and tar packages for ApsaraDB for HBase, see:Download the ApsaraDB for HBase client

Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution

You can connect to the cluster by establishing a VPN from your office network to the VPC network.