This topic describes the benefits of Advanced Database & Application Migration (ADAM).

Extensive migration experience

ADAM has derived extensive migration experience, especially migration experience of transformation from the traditional IT architecture to the Internet-based cloud architecture, from Alibaba Group for several years. ADAM provides feasibility analysis, scenario analysis, compatibility assessment, workload estimation, suggestions on destination databases and application transformation, cutover migration, and automated testing.

Intelligent analysis

Before migration, ADAM collects information from the operating environments of source databases, analyzes the collected data, and generates evaluation reports that contain migration suggestions. The reports include destination database solutions, compatibility of source objects, causes of incompatibility, high-risk objects and SQL statements, suggestions on application transformation, and estimated migration cost. In addition, ADAM also provides a migration plan for the destination database.

Database transformation

ADAM allows you to migrate schemas by using the database transformation feature based on the migration plan that is generated after intelligent analysis. During schema migration, ADAM converts data types that are compatible with destination databases if needed. You can transform data types for incompatible data types, as prompted in the ADAM console.

Application transformation

ADAM uses Application Collector to collect application data such as SQL statements and call stacks. Then, ADAM identifies application data that needs transformation based on the analysis results of the database transformation feature. This increases the efficiency in application transformation. ADAM combines the analysis of databases and applications to simplify database migration.